Why Kids Should Play Tennis More than Other Sports

Parents are always looking to get their kids into sports as they serve as entertainment and exercise. The confusion is more about which sports children should be pushed for, and tennis is one of the most common and popular options. Here are some of the reasons why children should play tennis more than other sports:

Low Risk for Injury

There’s a chance that a kid might end up tripping or hurting themselves a little bit while playing tennis; the risk attached is nothing compared to other sports. Basketball, football and soccer are fast, high action sports, but there’s also a lot of contact involved in those games, which can lead to a lot of injuries.

Strong, grown-up men and women can end up with concussions and other severe problems that can last for a very long time, which can be further detrimental for a young child. Tennis is a much safer alternative compared to its counterparts.

Powerful Exercise

While some might say that tennis is not proper exercise as a lot of it involves standing around with minimal bursts of sprints, we’d beg to differ. When a player rushes across the court to make a serve, they go through high-intensity interval training, which gives the body a thorough workout.

A child trying to hit a tennis ball on the court.

Unlike other sports, there’s no one to hold your weight in tennis (unless you’re playing doubles), so the argument that you end up slouching in tennis is invalid.

Mental Development

Tennis isn’t about only making the fastest serve; it’s also about knowing how to read your enemy’s play and make the right decision. You’re all alone in that court, to think, and playing the same shots won’t be enough.

Keeping your eye out for the next move, varying shots such as backhands, lobs and drop shots to keep your opponent on edge. These are all the things that make the game of tennis as much of a mind game as it is of the body, and it can contribute positively to a child’s analytical skills.

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