Which Muscles Get the Most Exercise When Playing Tennis?

Contrary to popular opinion, tennis involves a great deal of exercise that can wear the average couch potato down in a few rounds. While there’s an emphasis on the fitness of the entire body when playing the game, there are certain parts that do a lot of the heavy lifting. Whether you’re looking to get into the game or are a seasoned player looking to up their game, this will help you do better on grass, clay, and hard courts:

The Lower Body

The calves, hamstrings, and quad muscles all contribute to the player’s sprints across the court, helping them dash from one point to another. One often overlooked aspect is that these muscles also come into play in generating shots, so not only do they make you a quicker but also a stronger shot player. The glutes also help you lean backward, giving you that added force for those serves.

Tennis player on clay about to strike.

The Core Muscles

While people may consider the arms and legs to be the most crucial parts when playing tennis as you do a lot of hitting and running. The reality is that the core is equally essential, as it connects the muscles to both regions. It also helps maintain a balance when moving and stopping at high velocities.

The lower back muscles also contribute heavily as players use them to build power for harder, faster shots.

The Upper Body Muscles

Hitting the ball activates muscles around the rotator cuff, including the trapezius and rhomboid muscles from the upper back upon making contact. The pectoral muscles in the chest also get a fair amount of exercise. The biceps and triceps are activated when swinging the racket, generating a lot of speed in conjunction with the legs and the back muscles.

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