When Should My Kids Start Learning to Play Tennis?

There’s no set limit when it comes to enrolling your children for tennis lessons. As long as your child is strong enough to hold the racket, or shows real potential on the court, they should have no problem starting  early.

Primarily, most coaches recommend that the earliest age at which your child can start learning tennis is five. However, if the child is intelligent enough at the age of four, exceptions can be made so they can start practicing the sport early. But for children under four, there is no point in trying to teach them tennis, since they won’t know what to do.

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Why Such an Early Age?

In comparison to a 10-year old, a 5–4-year-old would have a much better chance of understanding the stroke mechanics of the game. Given that their muscle memory is still developing; practicing the game at a younger age allows them to develop a good foundation for the sport, which in turn gives them an advantage because they’ll be able to move on the court more smoothly. Not to mention that given the complex nature of the sport, your child can work out the kinks beforehand.

For example, practicing the correct service motion as a young child can help them develop the upper body muscles including arm, shoulder and core. It can also help children acquire better balance and hand-eye coordination.

My Child is Over 10 Years Old. Can I Enroll Them for Tennis Lessons?

Better late than never!

But keep in mind that their success mostly depends on their ability to maintain their practice and enthusiasm for tennis. Depending on the time, hand-eye coordination and athletic ability, your child should have no problem catching up. But, if you’re enrolling your child for tennis lessons just because you like the game, you’ll need to think twice before wasting their time on something they don’t see themselves playing in the years to come.

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Teaching Your Child Tennis

Unless you’re a tennis coach, a much better option would be to hire a professional to train your child correctly.

Especially for children between the ages of 4 –10, a tennis coach helps them learn the right techniques and the correct way to play, thus limiting the potential for a long-term injury.

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