What To Expect In The First Month When Playing Tennis

The first few months of learning how to play tennis are an education.

Especially if you haven’t played the game for too long, the changes in your stamina and your skill always comes as a surprise. The type of racket you have, the importance of a warm-up and a cool-down, and how quickly you get dehydrated – everything that you experience during that first month gives you the chance to anticipate how your body will react in later days.

So, what else does the first month of playing tennis offer you? Here are some details that all new tennis players should know.

What The First Month Teaches You

Practice Is The Only Way You’ll Become Perfect

As much as you’d love for your inner prodigy to rise and take action, it’s not that simple. During the first month, you’ll notice an acute change in your abilities. Each week will differ in performance. You should look at each mistake as a problem that needs to be solved.

You Can’t Give Up On Your Lessons

If you start playing badly on more days, you’ll be tempted to give up and start up something else. But that’s quitter talk.

Tennis is a frustrating sport, and the only way you get better is if you stay dedicated to the task. Ask your coach for more tips, talk to them about where your skills may be lacking—research various tips and tricks.

Man Adjusting Arm Band While Holding a Tennis Racket

It Will Hurt

Tennis is a vigorous activity, one that has brought down the greatest names in sports from time to time. So, if you think you’ll remain unaffected because you’re fit, think again.

Knee pain, back pain, wrist pain, tennis elbow, tennis toe – there’s a laundry list of injuries that are part and parcel of the game. However, the key here is to stop when you start experiencing pain. Go to the doctor, inform your coach, and take the time you need to rehabilitate your muscles to avoid further injuries.

You’ll Switch Between Rackets

Chances are, you might’ve opted for the cheaper racket for those first few days. Big mistake!

When buying rackets, you have to choose one that matches the rhythm of your body as well as your grip size. Also, if a racket string breaks, you can have it re-strung if you play a good game with it. Your racket is an essential tool. Invest in it.

Little Girl Holding a Tennis Racket and Ball Runs by the Net in a Tennis Court

Get Ready!

As a tennis coach Boca Raton, FL, I offer tennis lessons for kids as well as adult lessons to all who are interested.

So, if you think you have what it takes, why not sign up and try your skill at the sport? Tennis is an invigorating sport. Try it. Tennis might just be your calling!