Top Tips To Improve Your Tennis Game

Tennis is an amazing sport to play. It teaches you so much, allows you to experiment with new techniques, and there’s always room for improvement to learn new skills. As a tennis instructor, I find myself looking for new and improved ways to help my students learn this sport better. Over the years I’ve found a few tips that work every time:

Early preparation

Being in the right position for the ball is essential during a game. Practice early preparation to hit back by standing in form with your racket in position and ready to go. Doing this enough times will eventually make this habit second nature for you.

Two bounces and you’re out

Whenever you’re practicing or playing a tennis match, make up your mind that the ball will never bounce twice. Run for the ball every time, even if you don’t think you’ll make it. This way, you know you’ve given it your best shot. Some experts believe that playing in a court with no lines is a great way to practice this.

Hit and recover quickly

Many players hit the ball and then take a moment to celebrate their shot. However, that gives you less time to focus on your next move. When you’re practicing tennis, make it a point to hit and recover, you can rejoice once the game is over. This also allows you to be in the right headspace during the game instead of getting distracted by small victories.

Build on the foundation

Playing a tennis game.


When practicing tennis, you and your practice partner should begin at the service line, but stand between the singles and doubles line. Rally or play points, as you prefer, hitting only between the lines. This teaches you direction and how to perfectly hit a target. Practicing this helps improve your hand-eye coordination for the game.

As you gain confidence, move back further till you reach the baseline. It’s crucial to have a solid foundation of how to handle the racket and ball the moment you begin learning this game.

Pull back on your serve speed

Perfecting your serve is an important aspect of mastering the tennis game. But that doesn’t mean you should wail on the ball and jeopardize the rest of your game. Amateur players may feel the need to hit a serve as hard as they can. However, pros only utilize 80% of velocity and the rest is placement. Instead of hitting hard or fast, focus on accuracy.

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