Things You Can Learn By Watching Pro Tennis Players

Tennis as a professional sport is challenging, and reaching a high level requires hours and hours of dedicated work and practice by a player and his tennis coach. At Nick Gallagher Tennis Instruction, we offer adult and kid players professional tennis coaching at Palm Beach, Delray Beach, and Boca Raton.  Our instructors have years of experience coaching children and adults and both amateur and competitive levels.

You can learn a lot from watching pro tennis players – what to do and what not to do while playing your own game. As a beginner, a novice, or an intermediate player, you should have your style of holding the racquet and moving around the court rather than copying your tennis idols’ style. This is what a Tennis instructor Palm Beach can help you with.

Time to Warm-Up

Players playing on a Tennis Court


One of the things you can learn from watching pro tennis players is how to warm up before a game. A proper warm-up is essential before a tennis match as it helps prepare your muscles for a high-intensity game. At Nick Gallagher Tennis Instruction, we teach our players proper warm-up and feet positioning techniques, amongst other things.

Feet Positioning
You can learn movement and feet-positioning while watching pro tennis players. For instance, when you are serving or hitting a ball, you need to quickly move back to a position where you can hit the next serve. In tennis, the most important thing is to do whatever it takes to hit the last ball successfully.


Being consistent is important in tennis and needs to be learned. As a player, you should learn how to be consistent in the way you pace yourself, in the accuracy of your shots, and how well you return a ball each time. By watching professional players, you can learn from their playing styles, methods, and strategies for maneuvering.

The Drop Shot

A drop shot is an excellent weapon for any tennis player. However, it needs to be performed precisely for it to be effective. At Nick Gallagher Tennis Instruction, we offer various Tennis lesson Boca Raton to help you learn how to be near the net to make a drop shot.

To know more about how we at Nick Gallagher Tennis Instruction can help you achieve your goals, and improve your game, contact us here to learn about the services we provide.