The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Buying a Tennis Racket

If you’re a beginner, you’re probably starting your tennis journey, so first of all, welcome to tennis! We’re sure you’ll absolutely love it!

While choosing the best tennis coach is crucial to develop good gaming skills, it’s equally important to ensure you find the perfect equipment when learning tennis. Finding a racket that promotes ease while giving you the perfect combination of spin, control, and power can immensely enhance your game and skills.

Whether you want to become a competitive player or are looking to play tennis as a recreational past-time sport, here’s how you can find the perfect racket.


In general, rackets with a wider frame size are preferable for newbies or people who need rackets power to help them hit the ball. On the other hand, professional players or people with stronger built need rackets that give them more control, so they use rackets with smaller head size. They’re capable of generating their own power rather than relying on the racket.


The part beneath the round frame structure is called the ‘throat.’ It’s the foundation of the racket and has the most effect on the ball. Like the body, a wide throat will generate more power than a narrower one, so if someone has the power, precision, and skills, they might prefer a smaller frame.


Most rackets come with several grip sizes that are often mentioned under the bottom of the handle. Most people prefer smaller grips to make them feel handy and get a better spin, and if it feels too small, add tennis over-grips to compensate for the difference.Tennis gear including ball, shoes, and rackets



In general, strings have many patterns, including an open pattern and a dense pattern. Each has a different space between the strings and determines the level of control of the player.

A racket flex also impacts power and control. A stiffer frame usually requires less energy while hitting the ball, but it sends a shock to your limbs. When strings are loose, it has a larger sweet spot, provides more power, and helps prevent tennis elbow and other injuries, whereas tighter strings offer more control but a smaller sweet spot.


These decisions also depend on your height; if you’re tall, your long arms will make your swing wider, which naturally generates more power and speed. In contrast, a short person will require a wider throat and frame in general.

While you take private tennis lessons, you will also learn if you have a slow, average, fast, or speed swing. The faster your swing is, the more power it will generate, which means your racket should be less powerful so that you have more control over it.

But this isn’t always the case. It’s best to consult with your Tennis instructor Palm Beach to understand your strengths and decide accordingly. Nick Gallaher from Sharp Tennis instruction is an experienced tennis coach who provides stellar adult group tennis lessons, private tennis lessons, and tennis classes for children.

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