Tennis Lessons: What to Expect

It is normal to feel intimidated and nervous when starting a new hobby. And if the new hobby you are about to get involved in is tennis, there’s even more reason to be nervous. But it doesn’t have to be scary and intimidating. There are numerous benefits of tennis lessons. Here are the things to expect from tennis lessons:

Initial Paperwork

Tennis lessons will start with some paperwork (name, date of birth, address) and then an introductory chat about your goals, if you have tennis equipment or not, and what your level of experience is.

Starter lessons

After this chat, the fun will begin. You’ll start with a mini-game type lesson where you hit different shots (lob, forehand, backhand, serve). This game will show how your swing looks compared to a professional player. You’ll then do some “real” drills with the coach, where you’ll learn proper grip and backswing. Then it’s time for hitting some balls. And this is where things start becoming fun.

starter lessons by Nick Gallagher


The trainer will hit the ball toward you, and you need to hit it back without letting it bounce twice. At first, you will make a lot of mistakes, but don’t worry – that’s normal. The trainer will help you correct your errors and show you how to do them correctly.

After some time, the coach will add more balls per set, which means hitting back several balls in a row without letting them bounce twice and at a good pace.

Playing with a partner

Once you feel confident hitting the balls one by one, it’s time to hit with a partner. It is where things get really fun. The coach will hit the ball toward your opponent, and you need to hit it back without letting it bounce twice. Of course, your opponent will do the same thing at the same time, so you will need to pay attention, hit the ball in different ways (backhand/forehand), and keep your eye on the ball at all times.

tennis partners


At this point, you are ready for some real tennis. You can have a complete set lesson or play point after point until the lesson ends. If you are playing points, remember to switch positions on the court and play back and forth so both of you can practice everything.

If you feel like having a lesson is too expensive, remember that this is an investment in your tennis future. Tennis is such a great sport, and with proper lessons, it will be even more fun than just hitting some balls at the park. After all, the goal of a tennis lesson is to help you enjoy this great sport even more!

Tennis lessons are a lot of fun, but make sure you bring all your equipment from home. If you don’t have any, don’t worry – the pro shop at most clubs will rent it out for a small fee.

Enjoy your tennis lessons!

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