Tennis 101: 4 Basic Strokes You Need To Know Of

Before embracing any newfound passion, the basic rule is to start educating ourselves and observing any knowledge that comes our way so that we’re ready when the real game begins!

The same goes for the game of tennis.

While tennis terminology may get confusing and a little overwhelming for beginners, it’s essential to understand the basics to strengthen your on-court game’s foundation. On the other hand, there’s always room to improve your technique if you’re a fiercely competitive player who has grown up playing the game.

A stroke refers to the different techniques and ways in which a ball is hit in a tennis match, whereas a shot is what happens as a result of the stroke. It’s crucial in the world of tennis because it directly affects your ability to hone your accuracy and generate power not only aggressively but strategically.

Here are a few basic shots that tennis instructors want you to master before you proceed to excel in higher levels on the game.


It’s common to begin the serve by tossing the ball from the non-dominant hand while lifting the racquet with the opposite one. It requires the player to stand sideways, with the front foot pointing towards the net at about 45 degrees predominantly.

A successful serve requires the player to mimic the throwing motion with fluidity and flexibility by rotating the entire body to snap upward and then uncoiling to serve the shot!


Approaching the net to hit the ball while it’s still in the air is known as volley stroke. As one of the most unbalanced, awkward shots, volley is hard to control and requires consistent practise to master the correct compact backswing position.

Tennis private lessons often help avoid big backswing, which is a common flaw in most players who fail to contact the ball on time. A tennis coach will train you to use the opponent’s power to block back the shot while moving forward to hit the volley in front.Tennis player hitting the ball with a racket


The forehand is known to be a player’s strongest shot, but it requires the footwork, balance, and racket to be in harmony with the dominant hand. Very similar to the serve position, it requires you to bend your knees and coil your torso before hitting the ball with precision.


One-handed backhand shots typically allow a more extended reach when handling shots coming into your body, which two-handed shots provide more stability and control. Practising in a tennis class helps master tricks to use both to successfully hit high balls using these variations and understand which one feels more natural to you.

Tennis instructor Palm Beach suggest taking time to master each stroke as tennis is a challenging game to master. Whether you’re looking to add depth to your game by practising consistent, powerful strokes or willing to take on a new hobby, Nick Gallaher from Sharp Tennis instruction offers the most affordable classes in Boca Raton, Delray Beach and Palm Beach.

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