Stay-at-Home Tennis Drills to Keep Your Children Active During the Lockdown

Despite the lockdown easing in Florida, many citizens continue to follow safe social distancing measures, as outlined by the CDC. This means avoiding large public gatherings, going out in smaller groups, and staying home as much as possible.

The adjustment has been difficult for everyone—especially children; parents are struggling to keep their children physically active and mentally strong.

Engaging in sports is a great way to keep children occupied, improve their well-being, and teach them a new life skill in times like this.

If you’re looking for a way to defeat the lockdown blues, I recommend these great tennis drills to keep your kids active at home.

Warming Up

No matter how old your kids are, it’s essential to warm up before each game. Not only does it enhance stamina, but it also prevents accidental injuries.

Get your heart rate up by racing with your kids in the backyard. For older kids, you can try side lunges or running in place to get started.

Cardio Jacks

Get your tennis rackets out and start swinging. This drill is a variation of jumping jacks and is a great way to warm up and get into better form. With the racket in hand, perform forehand and backhand swings as you move from side to side. Get your children to follow along and mirror your movements.

Floor Tennis

Floor tennis is perfect for kids who are 4–7 years of age, works well in small spaces, and only requires two people. The first person starts by rolling the ball with the racket toward the other person using their right hand. Players must ensure the ball stays in contact with the ground at all times. As soon as it reaches the other person, they must stop the ball and return it.

The first person then switches hands and returns with the left hand. The game continues as players alternate hands each time. The switching improves hand-eye coordination and keeps kids interested for longer.

Switch Catch

Switch Catch

Switch Catch is suitable for kids between the ages of 8–11, can be played indoors, and only requires tennis balls. Two players stand facing each other with outstretched arms. Each player has a tennis ball in their hands.

On cue, both players must drop the ball, and the goal is to catch the other person’s ball after it hits the ground once. Doing this exercise for even 20 minutes a day will enhance speed and flexibility. You can increase the difficulty level by standing further away or throwing the ball further away from the other player.

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