Playing Tennis Like A Pro: 3 Common Mistakes to Avoid

From rookies to professional players, everyone makes mistakes when it comes to technically challenging sports like tennis. In fact, some mistakes are very common across the board, and these errors lead to one losing and the other winning.

As a recreational player, many of you may not even realize these easy-to-rectify mistakes, but once you start avoiding them, you’ll understand what an immense difference it brings to your game.

Here are the mistakes you need to start avoiding.

Not Making Use of Your Entire Arm

One of the most common mistakes made by rookie players is using only their elbow or wrist to swing. This does not make the shot very effective. While the angle and strength from elbows and wrists are crucial to get right, the power or force for the shot should be coming from the shoulder.

If your swing isn’t starting from the shoulder, you’ll be putting unnecessary strain on your elbows and wrists, resulting in injuries like tennis elbow or wrist sprains, while your shot would be weak anyway.

Equating Power with Technique

Technique supersedes power, and that stands true for almost any sport that you play. Even power sports like boxing and weightlifting require a certain level of technique that helps differentiate between rookies and pros.

And this is a mistake made even by seasoned tennis players who believe that the harder they hit, the more impressive their shot would be. But that’s rarely the case, as a shot without technique usually ends up out of the court.

The ball should be hit with force but also with technique and control.

Absence of Stellar Footwork

An unfocused image of a tennis racket, ball, and a player's feet on the court 


While your eyes follow the ball, the rest of your body needs to move in that same direction. Footwork is absolutely necessary in order to build speed and consistency on the court. Because it should be kept in mind that while you have the strength and the technique, it’s your footwork that’s going to get you in the spot where you can exercise all that.

If your footwork isn’t adequate, it’ll affect your game. Firstly, you would be unable to cover the whole court. Secondly, it’ll tire you out. To overcome this, you should always split-step prior to each stroke and always remember to recover and move to the center after each shot.

We believe it’s never too late to learn, and if you’re playing a sport and putting in all that energy and time, you might as well do it properly.

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