Playing Court: 5 Simple Overhead Tips

If you’re a tennis player, the overhead might be your most disliked shot. How many times have you stepped back to hit an overhead but missed it? The overhead gets a bad rep for various reasons. It requires practice and is affected by certain conditions.

Mastering the overhead is vital because it’s one of the most effective shots you can hit when your opponent lobs you! Here are five simple tips you can implement to become a pro at overhead shots:

Start With Your Feet

If you wish to learn to execute a shot perfectly, start with your feet! Set yourself for the strike. Take small, quick steps as the ball comes towards you. Do not allow the ball to get behind you, or you’d completely miss the shot. Therefore, stay behind the ball to extend and reach up for the strike.

Moving Forward

This tip may appear to contradict the previous point, but the secret to mastering an overhead is to work these tips together. Once you’re behind the ball, ensure to move your body weight forward with the shot. This will allow you to be in control and hit the ball in any direction without over-swinging!

Turn, Turn, Turn!

Image Filename: tennis-player-wearing-white-sneakers.   Image Alt-Text: A tennis player wearing white sneakers.

When you decide to hit an overhead, remember to turn your body sideways. Many tennis players forget this essential step. Staying perpendicular to the net will allow you an athletic position required to strike an overhead. It’ll improve your balance, increase your leverage, and offer you a solid base.

Extend Your Non-Hitting Arm

When you’re preparing for an overhead, extend your non-hitting arm towards the sky. That’ll force your body to coil and maintain a well-balanced position. It’ll help you generate effortless power for the contact!

Avoid Jumping

You might have seen players in league matches jump to hit an overhead. That doesn’t mean you should do it too! Jumping before the strike is unnecessary, as the ball will eventually come down to you. So, maintain a good balance with your feet on the base and only extend your arm for the strike. If you leave the ground, you’ll lose power and are likely to miss the shot.

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