Pitfalls When Getting Started With Tennis

For many people, picking up a new sport isn’t troubling at all, but somehow, tennis is an entirely different ball game! (pun intended)

The scoring system, rules, and regulations, different stances are all too much for a beginner to take in at once. That’s why we recommend private tennis lessons to ease the process. Here are some regular problems our coaches at Sharp Tennis have noted in players who are trying tennis for the first time!

Hand-Eye Coordination

It’s no secret that tennis requires you to be mentally and physically present at all times. You can’t simply walk away from the match for a brief second and look down. You need to keep your eyes on the ball at all times and be ready to send it back to your opponent.

For beginners, handling separate movements seamlessly can be difficult. Keeping your racket moving with your hands while shuffling your feet around your side of the court with full focus on the movement of the ball takes practice. Each motion needs to be specifically practiced with patient and consistency. Hand-eye coordination is one of the biggest obstacles, but once it is overcome, it’s hard to forget the discipline!

Changing Grips

Man serving a tennis ball.


Before you hit the court, your tennis coach will brief you on all the different shots in tennis and how to execute them. These shots include the forehand, backhand, volley, and serve. Understanding the difference between them, memorizing their grips, and employing quick thinking is no easy task.

When you’re on the court and the ball is speedily bouncing across from you to the opponent and to you again, quick thinking is crucial. You won’t have much time to remember which grip is needed; change it accordingly and deliver your shot. Many players get overwhelmed and fumble, which loses them points. Once again, the only way to master the muscle memory needed for these shots is through prolonged practice.


A very underrated talent that tennis players have is exceptional footwork. Despite never leaving their side of the court, tennis players are constantly shuffling in specific directions to be in line with the ball.

Your movement is not dictated by you but by the direction in which the ball goes. With every bounce of the tennis ball, you have to quickly adapt to the new direction and reach there in time to make a strike effortlessly. And when it’s a competition, you have to be doubly vigilant to not lose points. Luckily, it’s something we at Nick Gallagher Tennis Instruction regularly train our students for.

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