How Young Should You Sign Your Kids Up For Tennis Lessons

From the moment your kid picked up the tennis racket and whipped it around, narrowly missing their head in the process, you knew they had what it takes to be a good tennis player.

Young, though, they may be, you know it’s not that big a deal if you sign them up now. By the time they reach a competitive age, they’ll have the skills necessary to make it big. But is that truly something that can be done?

Can you enroll your young child for tennis lessons? Is it even allowed?

Let’s find out what a professional Tennis instructor Palm Beach has to say about it.

The Verdict

That matter is pretty tricky.

For some parents, the right age usually ranges around 12–13 years old, since it gives children enough time and energy to explore new interests and find hobbies.

This is also a time when most children go through dramatic physical and emotional changes, thanks to puberty. They start gaining weight and grow in height. At this time, regular physical activity not only helps them maintain their weight, but it also helps them manage stress. It gives them an outlet so they can adequately utilize those spurts of physical energy.

And though that makes sense, many parents disagree, stating that the best age for children to sign up for tennis lessons is 6–8 years old.

Young boy practicing tennis in the park

Why You Should Start Tennis Young

As a tennis coach in Boca Raton, FL, I receive plenty of students under the age of 8 because they’re at the right age to learn about the balancing abilities and motor skills required.

With children, it’s much easier to show them the rules and techniques of the game. They find it much easier to practice with racket shots, coming into contact and balancing the ball, how they can get accustomed to the dimensions of the court, how they can handle the weight of the racket, and the balls.

At this time, playing tennis also helps them strengthen their bodies. They find it far easier to gain speed, improve their agility and reflexes. Their muscles become used to the movement more easily too, which helps avoid discomfort and injury.

Children typically play with junior tennis rackets, up till the age of 12. By using rackets that are much lighter, more ergonomic, and better to handle, children can perform shots and movements more comfortably. And as they start becoming better in the sport, that boosts their self-esteem and ego. It takes away the psychological pressure and gives them a game they can have fun with.

Four-year-old girl swings her racket at a tennis ball

The Takeaway

In truth, even children as young as four show aptitude for the sport. It all comes down to whether they’re excited enough. If they show interest, sign them up.

Here at Nick Gallagher tennis Instruction, I try my best to make this game as fun and enjoyable as possible. So, if your young’un shows some interest, bring them in for Tennis lesson Palm Beach. Let’s see if they have what it takes!