Does Playing Tennis Check Fitness Goals Off the List?

Going to the gym is no longer an option because you don’t want to be in an enclosed space with several other people. Indoor environments increase the chance of physical contact, and it’s impossible to wear a mask while working out, so it’s doubly dangerous during the pandemic.

But leaving out your fitness routine isn’t an option either. You can’t hit pause on your regular life because a viral outbreak has gripped the world. You need to keep your health in check to strengthen your immunity and fight off any diseases on your own.

Tennis training is an effective way to stay on top of your fitness routine and learn a new sport. It’s a social distancing-friendly practice that can get you back in the fitness game in no time. Here’s why it’s a more engaging and fun way to get those muscles working and heart pumping.

Improve Cardiovascular Health

If you’re a regular gym-goer, you’d think that cardio is the easiest part of the workout. Some people rely entirely on cardio to keep their workout plan simple and effective. But running on a treadmill or the same tracks in the park can get boring.

What if we were to make simple cardio more exciting? Tennis training is an exhilarating way to get your blood pumping in no time. It requires running across the court, jumping up, chasing balls, and swinging your arms; that’s more than what you do on a treadmill.

As your breathing becomes more intensive, the supply of fresh oxygenated blood increased, and you develop a more robust cardiovascular system.

Quick Weight Loss

What’s one thing that’s common in all major tennis players? They’re all lean. Take a hint: tennis is your ticket to a leaner body with the right amount of muscles.

Losing weight can be a lifelong struggle for those who have stubborn fat or genetic obesity. Tennis is packed with aerobic exercises that motivate overweight people to change their diet plans to gain stamina. Having a burger or fries can compromise your stamina, and you’ll have a harder time catching your breath than the ball.

This instills fitness-centric meal preferences in your head, and you automatically enhance fitness training with clean eating. Multiply that with a hundred calories burned every hour on the tennis court, and you’ll get your dream body very soon!

A tennis player on the court.

Increase Flexibility

Do you ever try to swing your arms in a full circle? You may be surprised to find that most people find it hard to do that. That’s because their range of motion is restricted. Swinging, reaching, and bending requires smooth joint movement and strong muscles to support that. Tennis training helps work up your flexibility by starting you off on low-intensity moves and building up to higher ones.

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