4 Things Your Kid Should Learn in Their First Tennis Lesson

If your child is new to the world of tennis, it’s natural for them to feel overwhelmed and burdened when their lessons start. Tennis is a tricky sport that requires excessive patience, muscle strength, and a high amount of focus in the game. When you have so many things to take care of while simultaneously… Continue reading 4 Things Your Kid Should Learn in Their First Tennis Lesson

5 Basic Strokes You Need to Know

In tennis, a stroke means swinging, striking, or hitting the ball with a racket. There are 5 basic strokes played in tennis. Each of these is played keeping in mind the shot position and the tennis ball’s trajectory.

Things to Put in Your Tennis Bag

Be it a beginner or a professional, one needs to be well-equipped when playing a sport in case of an injury.

A Beginner’s Guide to Buying a Tennis Racket

Tennis is a full-body workout sport. People of all ages love the sport due to its multitude of health benefits and its crucial role in keeping players fit and healthy. The best thing about the sports is that it’s not age-limiting, implying that anyone can play it, be it a rookie or a professional athlete.

Playing Court: 5 Simple Overhead Tips

If you’re a tennis player, the overhead might be your most disliked shot. How many times have you stepped back to hit an overhead but missed it? The overhead gets a bad rep for various reasons. It requires practice and is affected by certain conditions.

Things You Can Learn By Watching Pro Tennis Players

Tennis as a professional sport is challenging, and reaching a high level requires hours and hours of dedicated work and practice by a player and his tennis coach. At Nick Gallagher Tennis Instruction, we offer adult and kid players professional tennis coaching at Palm Beach, Delray Beach, and Boca Raton.  Our instructors have years of… Continue reading Things You Can Learn By Watching Pro Tennis Players

3 Sports That Can Help You Stay in Shape

Sports are great when it comes to improving your physical health. Popular sports, such as swimming, boxing, and tennis, present a fun way to stay fit and healthy and keep your competitive spirit alive.

10 Rules You Should Know Before Entering A Tennis Competition

When it comes to rules, tennis can be a complicated sport. If you watch tennis on television, you’ll notice that even the best players in the world will argue with umpires over certain rules. Therefore is essential for any player to be familiar with basic tennis rules before entering a tennis competition to fully understand… Continue reading 10 Rules You Should Know Before Entering A Tennis Competition

Why Tennis Is A Great Sport For Senior Citizens Of Boca Raton

Tennis is a world-renowned sport and has been one for many decades. Many trace the sport back to Ancient Greece, with historians speculating its invention in Ancient Egypt. It is a great sport for people of all ages, especially senior citizens.

7 Life-Changing Health Benefits Of Playing Tennis In Haverford, PA

Tennis is a popular family sport in Haverford, PA, for people of all ages and sizes. It is a full-body workout that involves several life-changing health benefits that most people are unaware of.