A Beginner’s Guide to Buying a Tennis Racket

Tennis is a full-body workout sport. People of all ages love the sport due to its multitude of health benefits and its crucial role in keeping players fit and healthy. The best thing about the sports is that it’s not age-limiting, implying that anyone can play it, be it a rookie or a professional athlete.

However, due to a lack of competent and qualified coaches, they never come through. Moreover, you need to have a durable and robust tennis racket to play the game effortlessly.

This blog will be your quick guide to buying a tennis racket that will make playing tennis all the more fun.

When choosing a tennis racket, the three essential things help you achieve power and control. These factors are explained below in detail.

Look out for Head Size

You must opt for a lightweight racket with a larger head size if you’re a beginner. An oversized head helps learners keep consistent contact with the ball without missing shots. Playing strokes in tennis can be strenuous for your muscles, so playing with a lightweight racket is a good choice for mitigating muscle pain and enjoying a smooth game experience.

Complements Swing Style

In tennis, swing weight indicates how heavy a racket will be to swing when hitting a shot. A higher swing rating implies that the racket will be more brutal to swing and vice versa. So, if you are new to sports, it’s advisable to choose a standard swing weight around 280-350. Besides, you also need to ensure that the racket weight complements your swing style.

A person during a tennis match

Consider the Racket String Material

Racket strings also plays a significant role in determining your game experience. Most beginners, who are still learning to adjust their swing styles, need rackets with strong strings to make mistakes without damaging their rackets. This is why most rackets for beginners consist of strings made with multifilament strings. As far as the advanced players are concerned, they know how to play different shots with different styles, so for them, polyester strings work fine too.

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