5 Things Your Kid Would Learn in Their First Tennis Lesson

As you might already know, your child will need to learn tennis by attending multiple lessons. This way, they can master the game and become a competent player. And in case you are wondering when to enroll them into these beginner tennis classes, there is no time like the present.

So let us discuss few things that your kid will learn in their first tennis lesson.

Let’s get started!

1. How to Hold the Racket Correctly

Rackets are nothing but extended hands with stringed holes in them. And they are meant to be held by players to hit the ball with better accuracy. A tennis player needs to hold the racket correctly, both on forehand and backhand shots. If you hold it incorrectly, you might lose the grip and also the accuracy. And it is what your child will learn before taking up any lessons.

2. Footwork

Without great footwork, you cannot become a pro in anything, even in playing a simple game like tennis. So it is also a critical part of the initial lessons. For example, in tennis, footwork is as important as the hands and the racket. And with good footwork, your child will be able to play more effectively.

3. Holding a Tennis Ball


Once the child has learned the proper way of holding a tennis racket, it is time for her to learn about holding a tennis ball. Yes, your kid will not only hold the racket while attending these beginner classes but they will also be taught to hold a tennis ball properly. It is essential because it makes it easier for the player to hit the ball effectively.

4. Basic Strokes

After learning how to hold a racket and ball, it is time for them to learn the basic strokes. These tennis classes will help your kid to know how you can hit forehands or backhands with ease. It is an essential aspect of this sport because they can play games more effectively through these basic strokes.

5. Game Slogans

Before taking up tennis lessons, it would do well for your kid to learn these game slogans. This way, they can speak like a pro in no time. And if you are wondering what kind of slogans are these, then here are some examples that your child might learn.

So, these are some important things your kids will learn in their first tennis lessons Delray Deach. Not sure where to enroll your child? Nick Gallagher Tennis Instruction is the place for YOU. With instructors committed to providing an enjoyable experience and fun lessons to improve your child’s tennis skills. There’s no better way than a professional learning environment with seasoned coaches at NGTI.

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