5 Basic Strokes You Need to Know

In tennis, a stroke means swinging, striking, or hitting the ball with a racket. There are 5 basic strokes played in tennis. Each of these is played keeping in mind the shot position and the tennis ball’s trajectory.

To save you the hustle, we have compiled a list of fundamental strokes in tennis that you need to master. So continue reading.


A serve is the first stroke in the game and initiates the match. It allows the player to take complete control of the game. Serve involves establishing a strong grip on the racket, then tossing the ball and hitting the ball with a magnitude of force that makes it incredibly hard for the opposing player to return the shot.

Return Serve

A return serve involves the opposing player returning your serve. Your best bet is to play the return stroke with utmost confidence and focus because missing the shot will gain the opposing player a serve, thereby transferring the game control in their hands.

Groundstroke Serve

A groundstroke is played when the ball hits the ground for once. A groundstroke is of two types, forehand and backhand stroke. Groundstrokes are considered the most important shots. Unlike other strokes, these strokes can be played from anywhere on the ground, given the ball touches the ground at least once.

Volley Serve

A volley is a shot played in tennis, where the player hits the ball before it touches the ground. A volley serve is usually played when the player stands closer to the net. It can also be played from the middle of the ground or closer to the baseline.

Overhead Serve

Overhead is a type of serve in tennis, where the player strikes the ball above his head level using a serve like motion. This type of shot is also known as a smash. Overhead serve is only played when the player is closer to the net or in the middle of the court. If the opponent has thrown a high shot, the player can play on the bounce shot, which requires them to jump in the air to strike the ball.

A sportsperson in action

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