‘4’ Tips for Tennis Beginners

Becoming a better tennis player requires a considerable amount of time. Whether you’re playing tennis for the first time or honing your skills, here’s a detailed guide for you. Step up your tennis game this season with the following tips for beginners.

Buy the Suitable Tennis Rackets

Rackets for beginners like junior-sized rackets are quite inexpensive but don’t always opt for the cheapest options. However, choose one that fits your grip size and body. The sales assistant will recommend the best suitable racket.

If a racket string is broken, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be used anymore. If it’s a good one, consider having it restrung to get the tension adjusted according to your playing requirements.

Do the Mini-Tennis Warm-Up

The mini-tennis warm-up allows beginners to slow down their swings for better contact with the ball. Start by standing in the middle of your service line with your partner and simply rally back and forth. The purpose of this activity is to keep the ball alive for as long as you can by hitting gentle taps. It’s important to stay light on your toes and always maintain a ready position during a rally.

Determine the Racket Grip

You can hold a racket using continental, eastern and western grips. There’s no particular grip that’s right for everyone since many players use grip variations. Most of them hold the racket in an eastern forehand grip in which you take the dominant hand and place the index finger in line with the string face.

For a continental grip, you can shift the index finger of your dominant hand to the 2nd bevel and grip the handle like you’d do when shaking someone’s hand.

Practice and Take Lessons

It took years for the world’s famous tennis players to get where they are. Most of them started at an early age with professional assistance from the best coaches. Taking lessons will help you avoid bad habits during play and allow you to meet new people. Keep an eye out for local sports centers and tennis clubs to find out what they’re offering beginners.

Practicing playing tennis


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