4 Things Your Kid Should Learn in Their First Tennis Lesson

If your child is new to the world of tennis, it’s natural for them to feel overwhelmed and burdened when their lessons start. Tennis is a tricky sport that requires excessive patience, muscle strength, and a high amount of focus in the game. When you have so many things to take care of while simultaneously ensuring the best performance, anyone will feel anxious and second guess their skills.

However, when it comes to tennis, once you master the basics, it gets easier for the player. If you’re a beginner in the field, then there are certain things you need to learn in your initial lessons. For instance, the path of the swing, grips, and most importantly, serving different strokes.

This blog will list things that any first-timer should expect during their first tennis lesson.

Proper Stance

In tennis, stance has to do with positioning your feet and body before striking the ball. This is important in many ways. Most importantly, a good posture allows the players to play diverse shots. Regardless of your skillset in the game, if your stance is not in sync with the shot, you’re most likely to miss the strike.

Path of the Swing

In tennis, the swing is the player’s hand and body movement when playing a particular shot. It’s crucial to improve your swing style to strike the ball properly. Besides, it’s also necessary to stretch your muscles regularly to increase muscular strength for playing different shots.

Varied Grips

The specific way of handling a tennis racket while playing different shots is called grip. There are various types of grips in tennis. The player switches the grip based on the shot they need to play. Your initial lessons will be based on learning and identifying different grip styles and incorporating them while playing.

A girl training for tennis


In tennis, a serve is the first shot that a player gets to begin the match with. There are five fundamental strokes in tennis: serve, return serve, groundstroke, volley, and overhead serve. It may be overwhelming for beginners to understand these types, but your coach can help you master these with time.

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