3 Valuable Life Skills Children Learn from Playing Tennis

Few sports and extracurricular activities are as rigorous as they are rewarding. Tennis is one such sport that, although it isn’t a team sport, can still impart strong sportsmanship values in children as young as 7 or 8 years old.

It also has several physical and mental health benefits and teaches children the importance of physical exercise and working out regularly to feel good – not just look good.

Here are some of the most valuable life skills children can learn from playing tennis.

Staying dedicated

Tennis is more than just hitting a flying ball with precision. You may have a strong arm and be able to aim, but it takes practice to learn to master each movement. You have to stay dedicated to learning new techniques and getting better at it.

This comes with the willingness to learn and grow and admit and identify areas that require more practice. It teaches children not to give up in the early stages when things are unfamiliar. Tennis is the embodiment of “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.”

A little girl taking tennis classes in Delray Beach

Learning how to discipline yourself

One of the most valuable skills in life is learning how to discipline yourself, so you can get stay committed to achieving your goals. It teaches you to motivate yourself and build your skill set without the need for external validation.

Tennis is a sport that teaches you independent accountability – there are no other team members, and you have to work harder to win. It’s easy to apply this skill in other areas of your life, such as in academics and later, when pursuing collegiate and professional careers.

Feeling confident in your abilities.

Tennis teaches children to learn how to build confidence in themselves without the need for external support. They know that practicing regularly and showing up for each lesson is an indication of the belief that they are skilled and can do better at the same time. This kind of confidence will make them more open to seeking growth opportunities and learning new skill sets that they may not be comfortable with. Learning how to step out of your comfort zone can help prepare children for tackling many challenges in life.

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