3 Things to Learn In Your First Tennis Lesson

Tennis is a very technical sport, requiring practice, commitment, and some patience to master.

Your first tennis class at Palm Beach is quite important because it’ll help you build a connection with your coach—a connection that will last for many months to come. If you don’t learn the proper techniques first-up, you might end up forming bad habits that’ll affect your game. Therefore, your initial tennis lesson should start by focusing on techniques, with a little bit of fun.

Here are three things you should learn in your first tennis lesson.

1. Gripping the racquet

There are many variations when it comes to gripping the racquet for volleys, serves, backhands, and forehands. For every type of shot, the grip position will vary slightly, and a lot of players will have their own preferred style.

The type of grip position you settle on will significantly impact your playstyle. Therefore, you should be given a thorough overview of every position, so you settle for the one that feels right.

2. Learning proper stance

a woman takes a tennis class in Palm Beach
In order to become a successful tennis player, you should master every stance. This is exactly why there’s no right way to stand in tennis. However, coaches can debate on which stance is better for you since you’re new to the game so listen to what they have to say.

In tennis, there are four common stances, which are open, semi-open, squared, and closed. If you have a young, modern coach, chances are, they’ll recommend an open or semi-open stance. However, if your coach is old, they’ll probably ask you to start with a squared or closed stance.

Whatever stance you begin with, you’ll benefit from it. For example, an open stance will allow you to spot the ball better due to the position of your head, while a closed stance will teach you how to rotate the upper body and the shoulder.

3. Getting a gist of the path of a swing

If there’s one thing that you’ll see in a lot of beginners, it’s the inappropriate path of swing on their groundstrokes. You’ll either see them hitting down on the ball or not following through properly. However, a qualified tennis instructor at Palm Beach can teach you basics about finishing the stroke across the shoulder and hitting low to high. It doesn’t matter if you’ve seen some advanced players end their strokes above their head or closer to the hip; as a beginner, you should always learn to wrap your arm around your neck to elongate the stroke.

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