3 Things to Learn in Your First Tennis Lesson

Tennis is an excellent sport that improves players’ health and physical well-being. It helps increase a person’s strength and agility as well as boosts their fitness level. Playing tennis is also linked to positive psychological and social benefits.

If you’re a newbie in the tennis world and don’t know much about the game, consider taking beginner lessons in tennis to help you become familiar with playing. Today, let’s discuss some things you will learn in your first tennis class.

The  Proper Stance of Tennis

The first lesson to acquire in a tennis beginner class is how to have the right stance while playing. It’s important to understand that tennis doesn’t expect a player to perfect one stance. Instead, to become a good player, it’s vital to master a number of different stances.

There is an ongoing debate among instructors about which stance to teach first to a beginner-level player. The four most common stances of tennis are squared or neutral, closed, semi-open, and open.

An advantage of learning the open stance first is that your head will not be turned, so you will better see the ball. However, beginning with a closed stance is better for beginners to learn how to rotate their shoulders and upper bodies.

A woman playing tennis

The Correct Path of Swing

A novice tennis player needs to learn the correct path of swing when they take their groundstrokes. Many new players who don’t take the time to learn the proper path of swing often make the mistake of hitting down on the ball or not following through on their hit.

A professional tennis coach will help beginners learn how to finish a stroke across the shoulder and hit the ball from low to high. It’s crucial to learn how to wrap your arm around your neck to elongate the stroke and hit it with more power.

The Different Types of Grips

There is no one stance in tennis. Similarly, there is no one grip. There are a few common grips that are most often taught to beginners, such as the semi-western grip, which modern tennis players use, while the more traditional ones go with the eastern grip.

Another grip is the two-handed backhand, where the player’s dominant hand mirrors the forehand grip, and the non-dominant hand rests on the top.

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