3 Ideas to Have Fun at Tennis Lessons

Are you one of those students who dread going to classes, or were you one in the past? Does the idea of learning and formal instructions make you break out in hives?

Well, fear not. Many people feel that lessons are boring and tedious and something they have to be forced to attend. But you don’t have to worry about your tennis classes following the same pattern.

Here are some fun things you can do to liven up your tennis lessons.

A Beginner’s Mantra – As Easy As 1,2,3

Novice tennis players can sometimes feel bored or unmotivated during lessons as they need to learn and master the basics of the game before they can begin playing. This constant learning of rules and proper techniques and stances can get frustrating for beginners.

An excellent way to make the tennis lesson enjoyable is by using the repetition method and asking players to set goals. In this fun drill, all players will stand on opposite sides of the service line. Each player must count the number of times they can hit the ball back and forth without missing a shot.

A professional coach should help the new players set a goal for this number. For example, a player can aim to hit the ball five or ten times in a row. This practice will motivate them to increase their count after each game and help them see their improvement more concretely.

A woman playing tennis.


Shot Placement at Its Best

Another exciting game to keep players engaged in their tennis lessons is to use four tennis balls as target practice. The instructor can place three balls in a triangle shape and put the fourth ball on top of them.

You should set up these balls in a specific spot on the court, such as at the point where the double alley and service line intersect. The player then has to try and hit the target ball using either volleys, groundstrokes or serves.

Nothing Like A Good Cardio Session

Players should focus not only on their tennis skills but also on getting fit. An ideal cardio drill is to have one player stand between the service line and the baseline with a racket while the other person stands on the opposite side of the net and hand feeds the ball to the first player.

The first player hits the ball over the net, and the second player has to catch the ball in the air. Then, both players run to the net, switch the racquet and ball, and begin again.

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