3 Essential Tennis Drills for Kids

Does your child love tennis? Well, properly introduce them to the game then.

Tennis is a great ball sport. If your kid loves it and becomes good at it, they’ll be exposed to a lot of opportunities. Who knows, they might end up beating Roger Federer’s earning record, which sits comfortably at $106.3 million. There are many private tennis lessons available at Delray Beach, and you can also find some good ones at Nick Gallagher Tennis Instruction.

But before you get to that, here are three essential tennis drills your kids should do. Read on to find out how you can get your kids to start hitting tennis balls.

1. Running the lines

Before teaching your kids how to hit, always get their blood flowing and build some anticipation. But how? By teaching them how to run the lines of the tennis court.

This drill is awesome for two main reasons. One, it helps get your kid loose and warm; two, you’ll be able to explain the name of the tennis court’s lines, which you’ll frequently be referring to in your drills.

2. Shoebox drilling

Quite interesting, right?

During this drill, the kid will have a shoebox in hand, which they’ll have to use to catch the ball.

You’ll take the position on the opposite side of your kid and will throw the balls one by one. Your kid will be standing in the middle of the baseline with a shoebox in hand. So what should your kid do? Once you throw the ball, they should catch the ball in the shoebox (and change their position if needed) and return to their initial position before you release the next ball.

In order to add some variations, start changing the pace of the ball (not by much) and throw the ball in all directions.

3. The frying pan

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This is a simple yet effective drill to build your kid’s hand-eye coordination while simultaneously helping them become familiar with their tennis racquet and develop a sense of touch.

To begin, have your kid hold their racket in their dominant hand, just like they hold a frying pan. Now, ask them to place a tennis ball on the strings of their racquet (the racquet’s face). Then, ask them to dribble the ball for it to start bouncing. Let them bounce it for as long as they can—the more, the better.

Some kids will label it as a cakewalk, especially those with great hand-eye coordination. However, seeing how your kid performs this drill will help you get an idea of their skillset.

Once they begin to do this drill well, have them twist the racquet by 180 degrees in their hand between bounces to develop their skill further.

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