3 Benefits of Training Young Kids for Tennis

Is your kid keen on signing up for sports practice in school? That’s the perfect opportunity that you must seize. Their bodies are young and flexible, and their respiratory system is healthy. This is the right time to start their tennis training.

It’s fun, exciting, and great for physical training! Here’s why you should sign your kid up for it.

Improves Aerobic Fitness

Ever notice how kids will go running around the park effortlessly, but you fight for breath after jogging for a few meters? That’s because your body forms an oxygen debt, and you exhaust your stamina before completing a lap.

Kids are aerobically fitter than adults. This means that they can breathe better and transport oxygen to the muscles to burn fuel for energy. This improves their cardiovascular conditioning and prepares them for high-intensity physical exercise.

Making your kids participate in regular aerobic activity improves their endurance and strengthens their heart to perform better during tennis. Tennis is an excellent sport to allow your kids to develop better breathing and increase their stamina.

Improves Anaerobic Fitness

Let your young ones enter their teenage years, and all they’d care about is developing muscles. Almost every teenager grows up wishing for an athletic body that looks as fit as it feels. But to get there, you need to focus on your health first.

If you’re keen on helping your child have a healthy metabolism, it’ll automatically translate into lean muscular growth. Lean muscles help you burn more calories in every workout and keep the fat levels in check. This is essentially what anaerobic fitness means.

Signing your kid up for tennis practice is the best way to give your child a chance to stay healthy through sports. It’s a fun way to instill fitness practice in their daily routine and helps fight teenage anxieties and bodily insecurities that come with them.

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Improves Reaction Time

When you’re holding a racket in your hand and positioned inside the tennis court, all you’re allowed to think about is the ball coming toward you, and you hit it. But the brain needs thinking time to register the ball and delivering a command to your muscles to react. To get better at the sport, you need to perform a series of cognitive functions and react to get the shot.

Training your children young helps them improve their reaction time as they develop muscle memory. They’ll no longer take as long to change their position and train their muscles for the adequate force. This makes their moves almost instinctive and their game exponentially better.

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