Tips For A Perfect Toss

The tennis serve toss is the most underrated part of tennis; it can make or break your game.

Career Lessons You Can Learn From Tennis

Tennis is one of those sports that are just as emotionally challenging as they are physically challenging. It’s a game of the mind that involves players staying calm regardless of how much stress they’re under. It requires great discipline and self-control, which is why psychologists believe tennis teaches you a lot about life and helps… Continue reading Career Lessons You Can Learn From Tennis

Mind Tricks Seasoned Tennis Players Use During Their Games

Sports like soccer, football, and basketball are very physical; there are many people on the field, the games are quick, and the crowd’s attention is divided amongst all the players.

Does Playing Tennis Check Fitness Goals Off the List?

Going to the gym is no longer an option because you don’t want to be in an enclosed space with several other people. Indoor environments increase the chance of physical contact, and it’s impossible to wear a mask while working out, so it’s doubly dangerous during the pandemic.

3 Benefits of Training Young Kids for Tennis

Is your kid keen on signing up for sports practice in school? That’s the perfect opportunity that you must seize. Their bodies are young and flexible, and their respiratory system is healthy. This is the right time to start their tennis training.

Top Tips To Improve Your Tennis Game

Tennis is an amazing sport to play. It teaches you so much, allows you to experiment with new techniques, and there’s always room for improvement to learn new skills. As a tennis instructor, I find myself looking for new and improved ways to help my students learn this sport better. Over the years I’ve found… Continue reading Top Tips To Improve Your Tennis Game

How Tennis Is A Great Way To Improve Fitness

Increasing your level of physical activity is the key to optimal health. While heading off to the gym or going for a run are great ways to improve your fitness levels, it can get a bit boring to do the same thing day in and day out. Instead, opt for a sport that involves skill,… Continue reading How Tennis Is A Great Way To Improve Fitness

What To Expect In The First Month When Playing Tennis

The first few months of learning how to play tennis are an education.

How Young Should You Sign Your Kids Up For Tennis Lessons

From the moment your kid picked up the tennis racket and whipped it around, narrowly missing their head in the process, you knew they had what it takes to be a good tennis player.