10 Rules You Should Know Before Entering A Tennis Competition

When it comes to rules, tennis can be a complicated sport. If you watch tennis on television, you’ll notice that even the best players in the world will argue with umpires over certain rules. Therefore is essential for any player to be familiar with basic tennis rules before entering a tennis competition to fully understand the game.

Take a look at these ten rules of tennis before you decide to enter a tennis competition:

General Rules Of Tennis

  • A ball must be within the court; if a player throws it out of the court, they will lose a point.
  • Players are not permitted to touch the net or go to the opponent’s side.
  • Players are not permitted to catch the ball while playing.
  • Players are not permitted to hit the ball twice.
  • A penalty is imposed if there is verbal abuse by either of the players.
  • A player loses a point if they don’t return a ball before it bounces twice.
  • A penalty is called if the ball touches one of the competitors.
  • If the racket falls out of a player’s hand, it’s counted as a penalty.
  • If a ball touches the boundary line, it won’t be considered a penalty.
  • Before serving a ball, it must be bounced once.

Tennis racket with a ball


Scoring Rules

To win a match of tennis, you must know how the scoring works. Here’s a breakdown to keep in mind:


The point starts from love which means zero, to fifteen, thirty, forty points, and game point to end the match.


Matches are worth four points and are won when a player scores four points with a two-point margin.


A set comprises six matches and is won by the participant that sweeps all six matches in a row with a two-point margin.

Advantage Set

In case both the players are tied at six points, then advantage match rules come into play, which states the game can only be won by a two-game point lead. Therefore, a bonus match is played to decide the winner.


This happens when both players reach 40 – 40 points. To win the match, a participant must score two consecutive points. When a person scores one point, they have a one-point lead; however, if they end up losing the next point, the scoring system is reset to deuce.

Tie-Break Game

In case both players reach 6-6 points, then participants play a tie-break game to determine the winner of the match. To win a tie-break game, a participant must score seven points with a two-point lead. In a tie-breaker match, player one serves for the first round. The ball then goes to player two in the next match and this pattern is followed till the seventh round.

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